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Breast Asymmetry - Before & After

breast reduction before and after at 3 months Before and at 3 months after breast asymmetry surgery - plastic surgeon Mr Hassan Shaaban

Breast Asymmetry (lack or absence of balanced proportions )

It is not unusual to have one breast slightly larger or with a slightly different shape than the other. However, when the difference is significant, breast asymmetry can be a major cosmetic problem. Breast asymmetry correction is a surgical procedure that can improve balance and proportion between the breasts.

Patients come to us because there are unhappy with significant differences between the size (and/or) shape of their breasts and would like to achieve greater breast symmetry. Given the natural asymmetry of most women, it is usually impossible to achieve perfectly symmetrical breasts. Despite this, we can certainly work to make them more symmetrical.

breast asymmetry correction surgery performed by Mr Hassan Shaaban

asymmetry correction surgery

the results showing breasts after a breast asymmetry correction procedure - reduction mammplasty


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