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BBA - Before & After Surgery

breast reduction before and after at 3 months Before and at 3 months after breast reduction surgery

Breast Augmentation (bilateral breast augmentation or BBA)For The Correction of Tubular Breasts

Currently, the only medical treatment for tubular breasts is cosmetic surgery. If you opt for cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of tubular breasts, you should make sure that your breasts have been properly assessed and diagnosed by a doctor that is familiar with the condition. Traditional cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation will not fully modify tubular breasts.

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Hassan Shaaban is a hugely experienced in the field of reconstruction following trauma and cancer surgery. His interest lies in the field of facial, breast and body contouring cosmetic surgery.

before and after photograph of tubular breast correction surgery performed by Mr Hassan Shaaban- Shaaban Cosmetic Surgery

large drooping breast and image showing corrective breast reduction and breast uplift Breast reuction performed by Mr Hassan Shaaban
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